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NOMADANS Dance - Performance, Video Creation, and Photography. NOMADANS is a collaboration between three distinct artists rooted in one common interest: to convey the poetry of the moving body in unconventional environments charged with symbolism. Spaces where dance does not conventionally exist, except through an expressive or circumstantial necessity. Premiere: Festival Mulafest, Madrid 2013. Exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art TEA of Tenerife, Echegaray Theatre of Malaga, and Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Madrid) as part of the 27th edition Dance Choreography Competition 2013, among others. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 06/09/2013 / Available

Collaborators: Juan Carlos Arévalo, Javier Mosquera de la Vega, Elías Aguirre, Camille Hanson