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In Noiseless, the drawing body becomes a vehicule and by force of emotions tells us about the struggle of humans to reach the balance. About their fragility. 

The movement tangles and untangles, repressing and releasing, raising and dragging. Six performers trying to reconcile their own life, defending themselves and figthing without renouncing to their dignity. Being strong and vulnerable at the same time, capable to fight and cry, ready to be touched. 

Dance leeds the speech with a refined vocabulary which invites to make connections, to empathise, to identify and to be carried along. 


Refuges that break the borders, embracing me. 

Places to build wishes, to blow winds. 

Concentric circles as islands

in the middle of the ocean, 

desires arriving strongly, flodding the days,

moving the clock´s hands, despite the time. 

Standing, I walk, sometimes I shout,

some others I sing to led myself

holding my voice in the twilight. 

Imaginary walks settle battles,

children´s games, wars with fire. 

Nieves Alfaro

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 04/12/2014 / Available

Contemporary Dance piece with six performers and one hour length. Suitable for all audiences.

Original idea, dramaturgy and direction: Ana Rando.

Choreography: Ana Rando.

Performers: Esther Medina, Jesús Compás, Virginia Ciruela, Jose Antonio Luque, Sandra Rubio y Ana Rando.

Cloting selection: Ana Rando.

Hairdressing: Nieves Elena.

Music Compilation and editio: Ana Rando.

Lighting: Jose Rojo, Fernando López and Eladio Cano.

Scenography: Ana Rando.

Photography: Maysa Carrillo, Rafael Porras, Gerardo Moreno, Anaïs Piqué, Nerea Romero y Marco Antonio Roca.

Prodution and distribution: Ana Rando.