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No sin mis huesos (2016) is a dance piece conceived of as a commemoration to the 400 year anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’ death (April 1616). In the work, Iron Skulls Co. revisits the writer’s biography and draws inspiration from his history. Moreover, they contemplate the socio-political context of Spain during the Golden Age, from which they draw out primary concepts for their creation, including religion and military service.

This work, which builds upon the company’s well-known repertoire, takes us to a dreamlike world in which phantoms and obsessive thoughts take on a fundamental role in the life of the author, especially during his time in Argel. Iron Skulls Co. presents a contemporary creation in which they reflect, through ‘theatrical breakin’, the story of a frustrated soldier who succeeds in channelling the negative energy that surrounds him into art–transforming from a soldier into one of the most important writers in literary history.

      Direction & Choreography: Iron Skulls Co Premiere: December 18th, 2016 in Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain Performers: Adrián Vega, Ugo Boulard, Luis Muñoz, Diego Garrido, Moisés “Moe” & Héctor Plaza “Buba”. Dance Cover: Ugo Boulard Music: Willy Barleycorn Lighting: Óscar Gonzalez Costume: María Zaguirre – ZAGV Space: Indoor or Outdoor Duration: 30 or 50 minutes Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/12/2016 / Available

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