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“An unheard show crowned by the decided talent of all the dancers. A celebration of contemporary dance made in Spain that ended with a committed audience that danced on stage along with the performers." Diario Málaga Hoy, 07/02/2018

Coreografía Finalista en el Certamen Málaga Crea 2018

We find dance everywhere: in everyday actions, in music inside our heads, in involuntary movements or gestures, in the need to express ourselves... A number of short scenes inspired in real life bring together a fresh performance that explores a variety of little stories, situations and emotions. Have you ever listened to the movement inside of you?

With "No dancing in the kitchen" we come close to the daily lives of our characters, we portray stressful situations, boredsome, tiredness, and we offer them a great positive transformation through imagination, magic... and dance.  With this creation we aim to get to the audience, connect with their experiences and share with them the feelings that one can achieve through the exploration of self inspiration. By placing the action in a restaurant's kitchen we also make a point on the figure of the professional woman: "a woman in the kitchen" shouldn't automatically refer to domestic work.   YOUNG AUDIENCES VERSION: Along with the show, there is the possibility to give a choreographic workshop for young spectators in which the dancers involve the children and teach them how the choreographic process works. With this activity we pretend to bring audience closer to the dance profession, make them understand better the how and the why we dance, and encourage them to express themselves through movement.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 03/02/2018 / Available

Artistic direction and choreography: Marina Miguélez
Performers: Paula Miguélez, Marina Miguélez, Lara Misó, Paula Montoya, Carmen Rodríguez
Light design: Marina Miguélez y Juanjo de la Fuente
Set design: Marina Miguélez y Santiago Casilari
Costume design: Marina Miguélez y María Lucena
Music: Jay Barretto, The’s, The Coasters, Hugh Laurie, The Farataos, Parov Stelar