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Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure, loss of interest and enjoyment in all the activities that you once liked. The feeling that nothing matters or motivates you anymore. What to do when you don't feel anything? Based on this idea, the spanish choreographer Iker Karrera creates his new piece No pleasure. As usual in his works, the leading role resides in his own choreographic language, based on the fusion of different dance genres, which is committed to entertain, opening new paths and connecting with new audiences.   No pleasure was premiered on February 6, 2020, in the Sala Cuarta Pared theater in Madrid. After selling all the tickets for their 3 shows in just 48 hours, a fourth extra show was scheduled where they also hung the sold out poster in record time. The reception by the public was brutal and the company is excited to continue representing the piece to continue connecting and sharing this fantastic experience. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 06/02/2020 / Available

Direction & choreography: Iker Karrera Dancers: Pablo Costas, Carla Diego, Belén Leroux, César Louzán, Raymond Naval and Yadira Rodríguez Assistant director: Fernando Lázaro Lighting design Alberto D. Centeno A.E.C. Lighting technician: Paco Pascual Costume design: Laura Cortés Sastra: Natalia Capillas Headpieces design: Matias Zanotti Music: Recondite, Feathered Sun, Charlotte Adigéry and Travis Lake Production: Iker Karrera / Danza180º Distribution: Marisol Pérez / LaOtraBanda Photography: Alberto D. Centeno A.E.C. and Jacobo Medrano

Duration: 55min