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No more versions: Love The Magician Fernando López

"Love, the Magician" can be considered the first Spanish Ballet in the 20th Century. The music was composed in 1915 by Manuel de Falla for the dancer and singer Pastora Imperio (with the score written by María de la O Lejárrega and Gregorio Martínez Sierra).  Ten years later, it was transformed into a choral ballet and presented in Paris with two of the best Spanish dancers of the 20th Century: Antonia Mercé La Argentina and Vicente Escudero.  Since that moment, "Love, the Magician" became a jewell recreated and versioned by very important choreographers in Spain until nowadays. Fernando López decided to created a "non version" of this repertory piece, transformed into every single role of the story and reflecting about the notion of "repertory" and "repetition": how can a body create a new danced gesture without repeating all the movements that others made before him?  Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/02/2021 / Available

Concept, texts, choreography and interpretation: Fernando López
Music: Manuel de Falla
Clothing: Lâa Heaty
Video and photography: Tándem 579