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No hay flores inútiles The choreography is a tribute to the Spanish women in exile from 1939 from Europe to Latin America, to their struggle and to their need for freedom. A struggle that balances life and death. Articulated around the dreamlike world of Federico García Lorca, No hay flores inútiles offers visit to the past without ever losing sight of the horizon. Moving towards a new future but without ceasing to look at our past. Never forgetting. Incorporating into the new world this fine wind that comes from the familiar scent of a distant relative. A playful dialogue where dance, music, poetry and theatre coexist highlighting the dimensions of modernity, building a new human architecture, a revolution of new parameters. "We need women to come back, women that come back with all their fingers. With finger flowers. May men and all the children of the world come back and start writing verses. We need verses that are dead. Verses that no longer live and that need another architecture, another nerve. Verses that do not exist. Pour with more muscle, more peduncle and more sculpture. We need another human architecture. A new human forest with strong ideas. We need to see our ancestors, sturdy deer that, from the sought-after forests, seem surprised by the highest towers of this warm city.    Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/11/2019 / Available

Choreography: Marco Blázquez
Music: Arvo Pärt, Peteris Vasks, Max Richter
Texts and dramaturgy: Nuria Ruiz de Viñaspre y Paula Solvedila
Duration: 60 minutes

Small/medium format
Performers: 4 dancers, 1 actress
7/8 people on tour