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Niagara reflects on the precipice of the new. Falling, losing, changing, throws yourself into the vital abyss, the territory of freedom for which we are neither prepared nor educated. The certainty of being on track and with a clear horizon, and suddenly you stand still in imbalance before the world and the others, just before the great fall. The vertigo of the surprising evolution puts you where you’re most vulnerable. All truths and the ground you step on collapse to leave you paralyzed and unstable, confronted with life without sufficient tools to deal with the force that will drag you to the precipice. How can you bear the force that brings you the change? THREE SCENES AND ONE QUESTION Reflection: “TAKE THE LEAP” to finally finish with something to throw yourself to the abyss of something new. Fiction: “THE NIAGARA CHOIR SINGERS” They seek recognition, catching the attention of the world. Moving from a secondary to a primary scene (opportunity, individuality) Question: “Is there way to leave this ‘profession’ or this life without being heartbroken or ending up falling into the greatest nostalgia in the world?” Physical language: based on the manufacture of rhythm. “Corporal manifestations of time”   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/04/2019 / Available

Idea and artistic direction: Virginia García & Damián Muñoz
Dramaturgy: Virginia García
Creation and interpretation: Virginia García and Helena Gispert
B.S.O.: Jesús Díaz (Makinf music in Silence)
Costume: La Intrusa
Producer and Manager: Cane (Nuria Canela)