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The dancer reads a premonitory review about the same performance which both she and the aforementioned text are part of. This is how Necesita mejorar * starts. Then, the musician and the dancer carry out each and every one of the previously announced actions. The audience have a VHS camera (with 'night vision' mode on) at their disposal so they can see what happens when the lights are turned out. This work is the result of several failed attempts to match a synopsis with the physical reality of the performance the audience eventually see, and was specifically created for small sites. * "Necesita mejorar" is a preschool mark (or grade) used in Spain which means "He/she needs to improve his/her skills". It is a softened way to say a pupil has failed.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/01/2017 / Available

Concept and direction: Silvia Balvín Paredes
Interpretation: Alberto Almenara Sánchez y Silvia Balvín Paredes
Original music played live: Alberto Almenara Sánchez
Choreography: Silvia Balvín Paredes
Length: 15-20 minutes