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FETEN 2020 Award. Neanderthal intends to be “the other humans” epic poem. It is a cultural display from our not-so distant cousin prior to us, Homo sapiens. It is the dance of shamans and how they reflect the collective consciousness. The action travels between yesterday and today. And supported by dance, live music, theater and video art pays tribute to the beauty of simplicity. It projects the essence of the ancient human beings into the human being of today. Neanderthal is like a visual golden plate carried by the 1977 Voyager probes, bearing images and sounds from the earth launched into space with the hope that another civilization will find them and contact us. Artifacts, drawings, natural sounds, music from Neanderthal legacy are delivered to us. ... Who knows whether in 40000 years another future human species different to sapiens will receive and reintepret like we do now with Neanderthal. But perhaps that civilization that finds it will be ourselves in forty thousand years. How do we see the civilization that will succeed  to us? Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 14/09/2019 / Available

Idea and Direction: David Vento

Dancers (4): Francisco Lorenzo, Víctor Lázaro/Graciel Stenio Lisboa Recio, Jesús Silverio Cavia Camarero, David Vento.

Music: Siberius de Ura – Neønymus

Videomapping: Imanol Garaizabal & David Vento

Iluminación: Juan Carlos Gallardo