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The body as an ‘emergency exit’. ‘No exit’ wants to make an exceptional musical score out of the passion for life, which spurs us on, and makes us creative enough to invent new worlds as possible salvations from this one.  It proposes to make a system of natural respiration from a chimera. This will make the artificial oxygen we breathe in every day obsolete, and amply feed the distinctly human tendency towards imagination and play. Dance will lead us from the whispering back doors towards love, the main sustenance for a critical and sane society. There is a magical force in the delicacy itself. Against it, no manifestation of brutality can prevail. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/05/2021 / Available

Equipo artístico

dirección / coreografía: manuela barrero dlcAos

intérpretes: Davicarome, Juanjo Torres, Manuela Barrero dlcAos

diseño iluminación: Sergio Torres / Pilar Valdelvira

fotografía: Jacobo Medrano

manuela barrero dlcAos

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