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My daughter is a king. My son is a queen. A look at the differences.
Figures that dance. Actions reflected in the mirror. Ethereal and invisible musicians who observe and accompany. Moving mirrors capture the look of the observer. What do they see, how do they look, why do they look. The families, the interpreters, the babies. How do they look? Where do they look? Why do they look? The origins, the disability, the gender, the thoughts. A journey through the difference and by who and how looks at it. A bet of high voltage where the public is protagonist. Radically interactive, with little content and with four dancers and three musicians on stage. From the creators of Beatles for babies (concert tribute to The Beatles), 30 elephants under an umbrella, Clouds for babies and The moon in a pot. Aimed at children from 0 to 3 years old and their families.  
  • Awards
2 Nominated for the Max Awards 2018 (equivalent to the Tony Awards in Spain): best lighting design and best production for children and their families. 1 Nominated for the Butaca Awards (equivalent to the Tony Awards in Catalonia): best production for children and their families.
Credits and datasheet

Artistic directors: Eva Vilamitjana and Albert Vilà
Dramaturgy: Albert Vilà
• Dancers
María Hernando / Raquel Gualtero / Marina Fullana
Guido Lucas/Pere Seda
• Musicians
Asier Suberbiola / Arnau Barrios (violin)
Nil Villà / Francisco Ramos (saxo)
Nico Sánchez (guitar)
Musical composition: Jordi Bello
Musical direction: Albert Vilà
Scenography: Paula Bosch and Albert Vilà
Choreography: Eva Vilamitjana
Interactive Technology: Iván Rubio
Costume: Joana Martí
Lightning design: Carles Rigual, Iván Rubio and Albert Vilà
Sound design: Jordi Bello and Iván Rubio
Video design: Carles Rigual and Iván Rubio
Production: Grec 2017 Festival in Barcelona and La petita Malumaluga.

In collaboration with: L’Estruch Sabadell, Department of Cultura from Generalitat de Catalunya and INAEM.
Performance in residence: L’Estruch Sabadell and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.
Thanks to Institut Sant Joan, Institut Interdisplinar de Ortopedia i Fisioteràpia, and La Capsa de Trons.