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I’m a woman, a dancer, and I am in the prime of my life. With a body that has already lived through forty springs, its leaves are starting to fall; its bones no longer fly as high… But this body still has a lot left to say. There are many lives in this body, a lot of zest for drinking from the wells of other lives. There is a lot of dance left in this body… before silence comes.   I am not a flamenco dancer, nor a contemporary dancer. I don’t know which label to attach for others to recognise me. I don’t intend to be anyone else but myself, to be my own label. I do not attempt to reach any goals. I’m in it for the long haul, to which I devote myself with this body that still has things left to say. Before silence deafens it all, before this body stops flying and living its time, there are still days left of sun, still daybreaks left to live. Thus I press on …   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 11/11/2020 / Available

Dirección: Sara Cano
Coreografía e interpretación: Sara Cano y Ricardo Moro
Asesoramiento en dramaturgia: Kai Alejandrx
Música original: Alexei Starodubtsev y Alberto Funes
Voz en directo: Alberto Funes y Juan Debel
Diseño de iluminación: Irene Cantero
Vestuario: Dolores Durán, Lourdes Bergada y Adolfo Dominguez
Imagen Gráfica: marcosGpunto
Vídeo: Eva Viera
Producción: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza y Comunidad de Madrid
Management: Elena Santonja ESMANAGEMENT