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¿MRUM? (¿Me Regalas Un Movimiento?) BABIRUSA DANZA

¿ M.R.U.M.?  is the result of life- experiences contained in the question Can You Give Me A Movement/Gift? thus generating  a direct approach to people. We simply go out and ask people in the street this simple question, following  different itineraries within the city,  recording  the given movements as gifts which are to become the origin of our choreographic  creation.

Our working tool has always been based on interacting with people, thus collecting their free movements  given to us as gifts combined with our own impressions about the whole thing.

The choreographic language has been greatly influenced by these life-experiences, allowing us to create a specific language based on this chaotic movements known as ¿M.R.U.M.?

Presentation on stage consists of 100 cardboard boxes, all in different sizes, thus creating a big wall. These boxes keep moving while the action takes place, giving the sense of different places and new situations. We also use Videomapping techniques on the cardboard  boxes as a three-dimensional support in order to bring together on the stage dancers/performers and common people, using this video format.

¿M.R.U.M.? Can You Give Me A Movement/Gift? outlines the different interacting possibilities there are  between free movements given to us as gifts by common people in the city, videoprojecting techniques, sound and Contemporary Dancing.

¿M.R.U.M.? reflects life in the city, enhancing interacting creative experiences among people, a trip into a new life- experience, a surprise, a funny game and above all, a great creative stimulus.

¿M.R.U.M.? ¿Can You Give Me A Movement/Gift? Consists of three parts:

-Scenic Project.

-Video Installation.

-Laboratory of Contemporary Creation.

Credits and datasheet

Director: Beatriz Palenzuela

Assistant director: Rafael de la Lastra

Performed by: Noelia García Baz, Rebeca García Celdrán, Rafael de la Lastra and Beatriz Palenzuela

Music: Created by Chema Palenzuela

Audiovisual: Tristana Castilla

Lighting Desing: Sergio G. Domínguez

Photography: Jesús Robisco

Length: 50 minutes

Collaborators: Artist Residency at Centro de Danza Canal, Paso a 2 Plataforma Coreográfica, Proximidad Cultural Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Distrito de Tetuán, Artist Residency at Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo and A.C. Gruñidos Salvajes.