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Montgomery, a project led by the composer and musician Miguel Marin, was born as a band. In 2014 develops a new artistic concept integrated by the band and a group of choreographers and dancers. A fusion of music and dance that results in the formation of a new dance company in Spain, where they feed both disciplines and generate new scenic possibilities. Montgomery is a newly formed company, where all members have recognized and prestigious careers

Montgomery is created Thought up by musician Miguel Marín together with the choreographers Teresa Navarrete and Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca, “Welcome to the Montgomery Experience!” was inaugurated at the Dance Month Festival in Seville, as a meeting where 5 musicians and 6 performers interacted in an authentic communion of music and movement. This first meeting without any rehearsals and set up more like a work in progress, encouraged the team to continue with its development in 2015.

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