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Mise en Abyme is commissioned by Centre Pompidou Málaga for the closing of the Temporary Exhibition Dada and Surrealist Cinema. A personal reinterpretation through a tour of five rooms with visual works of Man Ray, Duchamp, Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling, Picabia, Renè Clair, Fernand Lèger and Dudley Murphy.


Fade to black with transparent petals without apparent unity. Make the body pieces, quarters, thirds and lips that fall uphill in a spiral for a precise shock, between a hundred bare wires and translucent film with silver flavor without intimacy between my hands.

In my first change of rhythm, come and see ... see my magnetophonic loop with blood dressed in music, the language without permission of my sonorous landscape. There is no attire, I remained still, I did everything upside down breaking windows from my philosophical CHAOS BUBBLE - shelter - thinks - emits ... - ... I commited suicide ... - ... with hands bound ... - ... well ... You and your cats and your bowing your head times epidemic. You are donors of catastrophes with simple masks, of a past dominated by dominant geometric figures with printed busts; while I danced in my imperfect pursuit. Do it yourself, tangled in your wordiness, like a virus that inhabits and shouts and repeats to a sleepwalk public a single action: The extreme sound of the present.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 17/06/2016 / Available

Artistic Sheet:

Director: Ximena Carnevale
Coreography: Ximena Carnevale/ Thomè Araujo
Sonic space: kitty soul
Costumer: Antonio Sicilia
Photo/Teaser : Martín de Arriba
Physical counsel: Leo Fabre (FlowMotion)


Luis Fabre (the boy)
Ana Cristina Fernandez Mata (Vocals on La Pikonera)
Laura Lizcano (Counsel on La Pikonera)
Kraken Sound (Vocal Recording for La Pikonera)
Jose Antonio Sedeño (Dramaturgy Counsel)
Juan Carlos Tamajón (Mr. Savior)