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“The light of an impulse that does not stop”…

With those words, in one of her poems, the praised Amanda Gorman reflected the radiance of her strength, what young women like her do and know.

These Blank Looks, through dance, invite the public, and especially those women, to also see that brilliance and wonder about concepts such as sexual liberation, hypersexualization, sexist violence, in short, about different manifestations of sexual violence in our environment, and on the network.

In this second year of the COVID 19 era, short on joys, it seemed desirable to us to open doors to the imagination, to promote spaces for debate in favor of affective-sexual education in young people and adolescents. From that place of difficult transition for personal development, for the creation of a life of one's own where curiosity grows and freedom is cultivated with respect, especially towards women.

Dance, like words and poetry, now serves us as a useful tool for promoting critical thinking that is increasingly necessary. To transmit from this stage that this ideal of beauty and freedom longs for, a necessary stimulus that helps to identify different sexist behaviors, to create awareness about certain types of violence.

We necessarily wear a mask. We have almost forgotten what a smile is.

We are still waiting for things to change.

Alfonso Ordonez

Artistic advisor JCDCyL

It is a young dance company, made up of 8 dancers from the last training courses of the official centers of Castilla y León. Between 17 and 23 years old. Her show, very physical and with important moments, formed under the youthful gaze of its performers, is based on feminist poems from the 17th and 19th centuries, which shows us a reality that is still valid in the 21st century.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/01/2022 / Available


Alberto Estébanez Rodríguez

Marta Arranz
Sara Martínez,
Adamar Manrique
Marta Estébanez
Marcos González
Gonzalo Santamaría
Lycan Dionisi
Vega Serrano

María Lafuente

David Pérez Merino
Jose Antonio Tirado

Carlos Herrera

Gerardo Sanz

Alfonso Ordóñez

Lázaro Carreño