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My Flag is a play where performers travel through the color palette suggested by their flag. Through words resignification such as memory, homeland or celebration, they use their body and voice as translators of that flag that constantly changes shape, color, and belonging. Three women are submerged between tradition and contemporaneity to fight between passion and rebuke generated by The Flag.   My flag is a sensorial and multidisciplinary piece that, through scenic, visual and musical language, tries to (re) signify concepts, atmospheres and situations of the common imaginary: identity, folklore, ritual; life and death. It is the result of a collective creation process, through the compilation of texts, body scores and free versions of traditional songs, such as "Salve rociera", reggaeton and other world music. In her womb we find the feminine energy as a combat drive, creative force and hope to deal with this flag. Starting from a neutral banner, free of any ideological, political or social connotation, viewers are invited to reflect on this object meanings, attending its constant transformation during the play. The public is part of this shared experience, where they are invited to be moved by the body and sensorial work, participating in this particular festival of life and death.       Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/08/2020 / Available

Creators and Performers: Carlota Berzal, Ro Menéndez y Lorena Ávila

Scenography and Costumes: Angela Guerrero

Big heads: Ana de la Cuadra

Light Design: María Viñuela

Codirector: Lorena Ávila

Director and Original Idea: Carlota Berzal

Photos: Rafa Nuñez Ollero

Production: Compañía La Turba