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The show "TABLE FOR TRE3" has the collaboration of three choreographers with a long and distinguished career in contemporary dance, in order to explore new artistic challenges with dancers and actors with disabilities. In this way the choreographer himself with his work determines the artistic quality of the project. Ballhaus from Antonio Ruz, Coffee from Patricia Ruz and  Des/Wraps from Amaya Galeote rise up a contemporary dance show of 60 minutes. The pieces may be displayed independently (20 minutes each). ANTONIO RUZ: BALLHAUS   Piece with 8 dancers, Ballahus is inspired  in a ballroom of Berlin in the 50s where personal relationships are intermingled with each other, passions and disappointments. PATRICIA RUZ: COFFEE  The piece has a total of 8 dancers, playing with the feelings and moving objects during a timeless choreography. Each character communicates with the other establishing a chain of infinite connections. Around a small table and a bench the performers guide us through an environment in which they mised up in this dance-theater piece. A trip around the coffee; its aromas, its grounds, its ability to move to distant places. The memories around a cup, absences and presences. AMAYA GALEOTE: DES/WRAPS Based on all the things that surround us and dosen´t let us show ourselves as we really are. From this simple idea, the 8 dancers interpret the dance piece using packaging elements as a metaphor for what surrounds us. The idea of our body as something alienated, shows us as something that should be transparent but instead is opaque. We are the same in essence, but we difference from one another in all the materials that compose our outer layers. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/10/2014 / Available


Artistic director:
Gabriela Martín

Antonio Ruz: Ballhaus
Patricia Ruz: Coffee
Amaya Galeote: Des/wraps

Choreographer asistants:
Esther Gómez
Pilar Muñoz

Lighting Design:
Clemente Jiménez
Olga García

Costume Designer:
Daniela Presta
Patricia Ruz
Josep Ahumada
Eva Mª García Mateo

As. Fotográfica Enfocando Patricia Ruz

Jacobo Medrano.

Musical Edition:
Marc Álvarez.
As. Cultural DOM-3.

Double Cast:

Cast one: Germán Morales, Julen Serrano, Ana Fernández, Yael López, Ana Mª Alonso, Kube Escudero, Ramón Marcos, Esther Gómez, Ainhoa Urivelarrea

Cast two: Adrián López, Ricardo Cabrero, Carla Mouchet, Julia Antón, María Galisteo, Sebastien Thevenin, José Carlos de la Cal, Pilar Muñoz, Ainhoa Urivelarrea

60 minutes (20 minutes each piece)