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Two guys – both from the same continent but from different countries – had to travel 8,000km across “the puddle” and to wait several more years, before meeting for the first time on the opposite side of the planet and discovering all that they had in common.

They discover how destinies cross in the labyrinth of life, and how in that very moment we can’t help but become new people.

They uncover a place where passion for dance reigns. Where something new is born from the fusion of Breakdance and Hip Hop, through the vision of a third person, coming from Contemporary Dance. Something new and undefined, yet still somehow defines the three of them.

“Meeting point” talks about the places where we meet; about the “puddles” we have to cross and about the time we have to wait to make that happen.


– MAX PRIZE XXI FOR THE BEST STREET SHOW 2018 – Prize for the Best Basque Street Show at “UMORE AZOKA 2017”
Credits and datasheet

Cast & crew

Asier Zabaleta.


Asier Zabaleta (with the collaboration of Caio Henrique de Souza and Thiago Luiz Almeida).


Thiago Luiz Almeida, Rafa Arenas.

Forests of my mind.


Yolanda Girón.


15 minutes.

– Necessary space (minimum measurements): 9m X 9m.

Public space (street), preferably without a stage, with a smooth floor or pavement and no slope. The floor will be moistened with 4 buckets of water.

– Dressing room for three people.

– Audio needs:

2 X PA 500W per channel.
Mixing table. Preferably digital.
CD player or laptop connection (minijack).
– Lighting Technical Needs

In case it is represented at night, general lighting of the space.