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Meeting Point is a contemporary dance performance with two dancers. Conceived for the stage, it is exploring the flexibility of the play to be able to adapt to other non-conventional spaces. Embarking from its initial axiom “man is a social being”, Meeting Point structures and analyses the distinct phases of human relations. It does so from movements always bolstered by audio-visual aids to enable the spectator to identify with the story and not to feel alienated by the plotted scenes, however generic or concrete they may be. The drama of the movements is supported by the audio-visual elements of the choreography where texts and images of the protagonists are shown and clips from films link or emphasize the different scenes. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/11/2013 / Available

Choreography and direction

Virginia Oroz Iñaki Fortún

Armand Amar, René Aubry, Karl Jenkins, Brian Enno, 17 Hippies

Lighting Scenography PLay writing
Acrónica Producciones

Xabier Ansó

Karlota Laspalas

50 minutes