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Shōjo What does shōjo mean? Depending on the length of the initial vowel, shōjo means either "virgin" or "girl" in Japanese. This compelling association is the key to understanding the meanings that constellate around the expanding galaxy of shōjo culture; for that is what shōjo has become, a culture, dominated by a feminine presence, cast and costumed by the normative popular cultures, yet somehow twinkling with something else, something weirdly historical, something a bit subversive. Synopsis She has emerged from manga: a character that appears as a young and innocent girl-child with certain magical and powerful fantasy elements. The immense eyes signal it, with pupils that glisten with moisture, reflections of incomprehensible sights, black spikes of eyelash, and bubbles of light, that remain strangely inert, like giant lamps illuminating an uncanny past with their glassy present. The characters develop as if from the eyes outward, unfolding their bodies from there in a dance of metamorphosis, turning on the edge, on the edge of their identities, in a struggle for power, fighting for the "shōjo". Small format Duration: Theatre / street and non conventional spaces: 15 minutes Artists : 2 dancers / option live music (two musicians) Copyright , registered in SACD Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/05/2018 / Available

Coreografía y dirección: Mey-Ling Bisogno

Música original: Martín Ghersa

Atrezo: Mey-Ling Bisogno

Diseño iluminación: Cía de la luz

Intérpretes: Aiala Echegaray Mendiguren y Edoardo Ramirez Ehlinger

Estilismo: Diego Duarte

Vestuario: Milan Hau

Con el apoyo: Comunidad de Madrid, C. C. Conde Duque y Coreógrafos en Comunidad.