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Lucía Montes & Mado Dallery

The company was born from our desire to create and dance together, uniting our knowledge in different disciplines and using the great artistic and personal affinity that we have been developing. Having a common interest in research, in the performing arts and in particular in movement, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to create together.

After a separate personal career, Mado training in France and Israel and Lucia in Chile, Morocco, Costa Rica and Spain, we met in Madrid on some projects. Mado has been working with Somosdanza Cia, Cia Antonio Ruz, LaRumbe Danza and La Phármaco. Lucía with companies such as Sharon Fridman, La Phármaco, Elías Aguirre, Larumbe Danza, Camille Hanson, Antonio Ruz and Fabian Thomé.

Our artistic connection has led us to the desire to investigate our relationship and similar way of seeing dance and our surroundings.
In 2021, we carried out our first piece together, IN-SIDE.

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