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Two ways of staring at the eyes, four hands feeling sensation. One hundred people breathing in unison to an inner ear... as many as strangers lend themselves to the intense game of meeting. Turn that emotion into action, close your eyes and wait for the night in this long journey.  

I could leave you....could leave you there.... I could leave you standing still in the street I could leave you in the street and don’t finish what I want to say, but no...I’ll go where the air ends, where big windstorms burst and howl dancing. I could leave you standing still, but no...I’ll go as far as the air carries me, dancing I’ll go where the void draws a curve, that curve will be my emptyness, I’ll go as far as my breath carries me, My breath is the void...

Formed in 2012 from the hand of dancer and choreographer Ximena Carnevale and Dj/Producer kitty soul. As a creative team, they factured scenic contemporary pieces under one premise: dance permeability with other disciplines. They produce and conduct their own works and collaborate with choreographers and scene directors in other people’s creations. They join with Oigovisiones Association to aim to a common target, spreading their interest and reflexions about contemporary culture through Innercia Platform. With Joahn Volmar emerge a new space to investigate movement and physical work which first step is this short piece.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/05/2015 / Available

Creación e interpretación:
Ximena Carnevale/ Joahn Volmar

Música: Varios autores
Mezcla: kitty soul
Fotografía: Violeta Niebla/ Paula Murciego

Producción y booking:
Ricardo López (As. Oigovisiones)
+34 606759234
C/ Amores 10 29014 Málaga

Con la colaboración del CAD Centro Andaluz de Danza.