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Look at. Look surreptitiously or with caution not to be discovered. Look carefully. Look at. Look at. Without dissimulation, without modesty, without haste, without fear of being discovered. Observe. Look, observe carefully. To look, to observe with curiosity. Look, observe in and with all the senses. Look. Look. Look, observe and with the whole body, perceive. Capture by one of the senses the images, impressions or external sensations, perceive. Look, observe, perceive. Perceive. Perceive. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/06/2021 / Available

Company: Resident company of the Choreographic Center of La Gomera
Creators: Creation and direction – Isabela Rossi and Miguel González
Interpreters: Creation and action – Gregory Auger and Martín Padrón.
Music: (Author and “name of the piece”) Composer: Alva Vilarinyo
Distribution: peso producciones