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links part of the idea of translating the language of dance, the connections are created between the members of its environment , regardless of culture, borders and temporality. With this premise caraBdanza creates a mixed program with three different choreographic pieces. PDA (Public Displays of Affection); Choreography: Adam Rutherford The new creation of Adam Rutherford , artistic director of the company RDC, is a collaboration between the two companies ( caraBdanza and RDC ), with the aim of generating new cultural links between the Dance in Spain and England. The British choreographer will explore through dance, reaction to public displays of affection, his moral evaluation, and the impact it has in different cultural settings. Sobre el vacío; Choreography: Gonzalo Díaz "Sobre el vacío" intends to use in the choreographic composition the same creative process that the Dutchman Piet Mondrian used to paint his paintings. It starts from several premises and concepts that the artist had about art, and that himself tried to represent in his works, to create an abstract and alive picture on the stage through movement. Skinless; Choreography: Gonzalo Díaz and Carolina Márquez It is the first joint creation of Carolina Márquez and Gonzalo Díaz for caraBdanza.The research and the inspiration of this piece comes from the famous solo ” Lamentation ” by Martha Graham. The contemporary view of this choreography explores the connections between dancers which go beyond the skin, beyond their physical body, emotional connections through dance. Credits and datasheet
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Artistic directors: Gonzalo Díaz

Choreography: Gonzalo Díaz and Carolina Márquez (Skinless), Adam Rutherford (PDA /Public Displays of Affection), Gonzalo Díaz (Sobre el vacío)

Rehearsal director: Camille Balcaen

Music: Adrián Navas (Sobre el vacío),Simeon Ten Holt (Skinless),Tom Haines (PDA)

Costumes: Carmen Granell

Lighting design: Rodrigo Ortega

Production: Iván Serrano

Distribution: Matel Cultura