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Hurt and broken, the woman unable to follow her path enters this world of dreams in which she relives learning, indifference, its truth… and on closing her eyes, what happened disappears as quickly as it happened. This is nothing more than the fancy of a dream of real images that disappear on waking up. The Compañía Flamenca La Lupi was founded in 1999. Comprising great artists of flamenco and other disciplines, as well as an outstanding technical team, it performs in the most important theatres and festivals all over the world. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 14/12/2019 / Available

Staging Juan Dolores Caballero
Artistic direction La Lupi
Music Oscar Lago, Los Makarines and Federico Moreno Torroba – (Musical contributions Curro de Maria and Juan de Juan)
Performers La Lupi, Ivan Amaya, Pol Vaquero and Marina Perea
Musicians Oscar Lago and Curro de Maria guitars
Nelson Doblas violin
David Galiano percussion
Flamenco singers Alfredo Tejada and Cristo Heredia
Lyrics Los Makarines, Alfredo Tejada, Cristo Heredia and Hercules Heredia