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It is about the internal loop of existence. Man lives in a continuous intent to satisfy his desires, by mounting experience upon experience, and bearing witness to the interminable search for a latent life, the one deep inside everyone’s soul that we all want to get to know. It is for any individual,and inside the body of anyone. The body and the way it uses contemporary dance, flamenco, physical theatre, and words. All are they juxtaposed, subordinate and complementing each other to communicate viscerally. -The performer Paula Quintana asks the audience if there is anyone called Paula present; she has a present for her that she must deliver. Nothing happens, “if I have to keep waiting, I’ll wait, because I always do what I have to do, and I do it the way it is supposed to be done, getting up, doing the chores, going to bed, and enjoying myself - a lot! I do not want to be an astronaut; I don’t; that is not for me.” The body dances and tells a story;but behind the laughter and the absurdity of the events, there is something hiding, something, latent.- -----------------------
There is inside the human being another way of knowing, from within the individual itself. It is about the person’s intimacy, an interior which only he or she knows. “An internal world that is open to me and hidden from the rest, an opening to that which is within.”  Art is a vehicle of communication for this internal knowledge, and a language to create symbolic messages understood by intuition and emotions. The work of the company is focused on generating artistic work that appeals to the internal ego of everyone. And through this experience, we are on equal terms with what other people feel no matter if they are on the stage or not.
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DIRECTION: Paula Quintana
DRAMA: Carlos Pedrós
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Juan Antonio Simarro CHOREOGRAPHYandPERFORMANCE: Paula Quintana LIGHTING: Grace Morales
ATTREZZO: Anatael, P.RuízDíez
-Candidata a nominación XIX Premio MAX
-Mejor espectáculo revelación
-Mejor autoría revelación
-Premio especial al mejor espectáculo emergente “por la madurez mostrada la hora de integrar danza y teatro, en un espectáculo depurado y con grandes posibilidades de proyección” feria Umore Azoka 2015, Vizcaya
-Espectáculo recomendado por la Red Nacional de Teatro 2015 -Espectáculo seleccionado en el catálogo AECID 2016 -Espectáculo seleccionado en DanzaEscena 2016 -Espectáculo PLATEA 2016