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From the experience gained in "Las Muchas", in which Mariantònia Oliver begins a line of research with the bodies that do not come from the dance code, the show Las Muchísimas brings together 17 women between the ages of 61 and 76. Coming from different nationalities, they have launched, with daring and commitment, a scenic project built from the full complicity of a whole creative team. A scenic experiment, a shaking, a courageous exploration of one's body, its habits, its joys and sorrows, its vices, its caresses, its love, its scars ... and its happiness. The project was born from the invitation of the Teatre Principal of Palma to release a large-scale dance piece, in January 2018, which would bring together a group of women coming from different horizons and lives. In collaboration, the cultural entities of each city of origin of the women became co-producers, organizing auditions and rehearsals and programming the piece in their theaters. Currently, the project partners are in Mallorca the Teatre Principal de Palma, EiMa-Center de creació, Maria de la Salut City Hall, Cia. Mariàntonia Oliver; in Catalonia L'animal a l'esquena and the City Hall of Celrà and in Slovenia the PTL / Dance Theater Ljubljana and the Summer Dance School Ljubljana.  
... And we move, and we dance, showing the experiences from our bodies now, with the signs of lived life, of used shoes. I want to focus on HAPPINESS, this feeling rooted in the joy of being who I am, the satisfaction of being able to look at myself in the mirror and recognize the whole journey with my own identity. The joy of telling from the referents of each one. Talk about the things that we have built, shaped; of daring to go beyond what culture assigns, avoiding comfortable dependence. Talk about the body, the habits of the body, the vices, the caresses, the love, the scars ... Of the professions, of the profession that each one has wanted or simply decided to do ...
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/01/2018 / Available

Las Muchísimas | Artistic sheet
Direction and choreography: Mariantònia Oliver

Las Muchísimas are:
From Catalonia: Maria Lluïsa Cerezo, D’Olors Vives, Maria Àngels Cunill, Teresa Barceló, Estrella Freixas, Rosa Capdevila, Margarita Nicuesa Tejedor, Margarita Oferil, Montse Colomé.
From Mallorca: Antònia Garau, Mona Belizán, Catalina Rodagut, Elisa Santos.
From Slovenia: Maja Cucnic, Barbara Gortnar, Metoda Parlic, Maja Musevic.

Sound space: Joana Gomila
Assistant director and choreographic assistant: Montse Colomer
Mallorcan Assistant : Mona Belizán
Slovenia Assistant: Ana Pandur
Light design: Conrado Parodi
Collaborator sound space: Jaume Manresa
Costume, stage design: Mariantònia Oliver
Executive production and rehearsal assistance: Gràcia Moragues
Executive production: Mariantònia Oliver, Sònia Domènech
Production: El Climamola

A production of the Teatre Principal de Palma y Cia. Mariantònia Oliver S.L.U. with the collaboration of EiMA Creació, PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana and L’Animal a l’esquena.
Thanks to the Ceip Maria de la Salut and the Municipal School of Dance of Celrà.