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  ‘Things move but do not say nothing’ is a dance piece where concepts such as permanence, resistance, identity and difference are at the core of the choreographic's structure. The composition includes not only the movements but also all the sounds the dancers produce during the piece to create an atmosphere that evokes a whole journey through different physical states. The work is co-production of Teatros del Canal (Madrid), CND/Pantin- Paris and Festival Dias de Dança, Portugal. Next performances are in April (Portugal) and June (Paris).    Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 13/09/2020 / Available

Idea, choreography and direction: Poliana Lima
Choreography assistant: Lucas Condró
Lighting design: Carlos Marquerie
Sound design: Arne Bock
Costume Designer: Anaïs Zebrowski
Costume assistant: Diego Carrasco Pulido
Audiovisuals: Álvaro Gomez Pidal, Alexis Delgado
Performers: Cláudia Bosch, Laura Cardona, Ada
Continente, Carla Diego, Natalia Fernandes, Cris
Manso, Danielle Mesquita, Clara Pampyn, Almudena
Perez, Isabela Rossi, Maddi Ruiz de Loizaga y Ainhoa
Press: Cultproject
Production: Isabella Lima
Technical coordination: Cristina Bolívar
Co-production: Teatros del Canal, Teatro Municipal
do Porto / DDD – Festival Dias da Dança, CND/Pantin y
Porosus Fonds de Dotation