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Las Alegrías (The Joys) is a dance piece about joy as a generating, transformative and revolutionary power. A dancing dialogue between two bodies: the living and latent body of Paula Quintana and a magical and celestial body that concentrates the energy and powerful drive of life. An accompanied solo - or a choreographed installation - about joy as a vital and political positioning, that also reveals the committed step of an artist who is determined to let herself be transformed by life and the stages. A scenic journey through a sensitive and expanded body that withdraws and rises, concentrating all the creative, feminineand mysterious power of joys. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/06/2019 / Available

Creación e interpretación Paula Quintana.
Dramaturgia y Acompañamiento Javier Cuevas
Espacio Sonoro Óscar Villegas
Luz y Espacio Escénico
Instalación-Meteorito Tahiche Díaz
Diseño de Vestuario Amuhaici Luis y Aurelia Gil
Diseño de imagen Pepe Valladares
Fotografía Javier Pino
Vídeo y traducciones Tamara Brito de Heer
Texto Roy Galán
Management y distribución: Valeria Cosia – TINA.Agency
Comunicación Marta Baeza-La Locomotora