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From the roman ruins of Italica I meet invisible cities, which have become inland cities, and the invisible emerges to dive us into the origins. We can try to glimpse the time from broad and plural perspectives. My thoughts go to the illusion of life ahead that is combined with life behind. Soaked on these feeling of existence, of a change in thinking and feeling, I identify world and body. Among the losses we discover the beauty of the stone, as our bones, and the pain for a time lived and extinguished. There is a memory in us that comes from afar and serves as a support column just like the moos and lichen stick on our memories. Skin as permanent instantly bringing together opposites, it is surprising and familiar at the same time, because it is from a harmonious relationship of opposites which shows what remains and at the same time is flowing organized in successive sonorities.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 01/07/2015 / Available

Manuela Nogales

Antonio Vivaldi

Orchestral program
La stravaganza Op. 4. Concierto Nº 1 en Sib mayor
La stravaganza Op. 4. Concierto Nº 2 en Mi menor
Concerto Grosso en Re menor Op. 3 Nº 11
Concerto Grosso en Sol menor Op. 3 Nº 2
Solo de violín sobre La Follia en Re menor Op. 1 Nº 12
La Follia en Re menor Op. 1 Nº 12

Musical direction
Juan Manuel Busto

Lights design
Florencio Ortiz

Margarita Ruesga

Manuela Nogales
Joahn Volmar
Laura Lizcano
Lucía Vázquez
Raquel López
Violeta Casal
Ximena Carnevale

Live music Orquesta Ciudad de Sevilla
First violins: Vladimir Dmitrienco, Amelia Mihalchea Duran y Luis Miguel Díaz
Second violins: Jill Renshaw, Branislav Sisel y Claudia Medina
Violas: Jacek Polichinski y Jerome Ireland
Cello: Nonna Natsvlishvili
Contrabass: Lucian Ciorata

Orchestral direction
Juan Manuel Busto

Lauren Serrano

Artistic coordination
Fernando Romero

Rocío Menéndez

Rafael Herrera