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Founded in 2008, La Petite Producciones is a company dedicated to training in performing arts and the creation of shows which stand out for its combination of different languages and styles.

During 7 years the company gave life with great success to the “Cabaret La Petite”, a variety show with more than 50 artists in rotation and more than 300 numbers of different artistic disciplines.

In 2016 La Petite Producciones joined Celia Sako, a Spanish-Japanese dancer and choreographer with a long career in dance, theatre and circus, with the objective of bringing dance theatre closer to everybody, looking for a language that any body can understand, but not loosing virtuosity and beauty.

This year, 2019, their first dance theatre show together, “Anda que no ni ná!” was nominated to Best Street Theatre and Circus Show in the Lorca Theatre Awards. And in 2017 it won the Audience Aword at the 31 Choreographic Competition in Madrid.

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  • Manager Celia Sako
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone +34 637 721 893
  • Phone + 34 647410628
  • State Granada
  • City Granada
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