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During a long period locked up at home, I start a series of conversations with my mother, in which she remembers disorderly passages of her life. Little by little, a link is established between her word and my movement, and an atypical dialogue develops between the two of them.

It is a choreographic project inspired and developed on the texts and recordings that the artist has compiled with her mother. These texts are the engine of the choreography, which will expand from them.
The choreographer, crossed by her own emotional journey during the COVID confinement, in which most of the research has been carried out, translates these experiences into dance and improvisation, paying homage to her past.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 22/10/2020 / Available

Direction, Interpretation, Choreography: Milagros Galiano
Voice: Elena Rodríguez
Music: Mule Education, Vivaldi, Purcell
Lenght: 40′