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La muerte de Venus is a contemporary dance show that presents a new dance company under the vision of Daniel Morales. It is a piece that aims to make the scene something beautiful, a threshold supported by a sound and light landscape that invites the viewer to enter it and discover what there is beyond.

It is a place for contemplation. A Renaissance sculpture whose shape changes, representing absolute beauty through four bodies that try to relate to each other, surrendering for once from instinct. Letting themselves be surprised. It is path through different ways of understanding love, highlighting the hells that hide behind the deification of humankind but that is still beautiful. Two women and two men talking about change.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/06/2019 / Available

Direction and choreography: Daniel Morales
Performers: Cora Panizza, Raquel Jara, Kiko López, Daniel Morales
Music composer: Franco Mento
Light designer: Alfredo Díez
Photos: ©Auditorio de Tenerife/Miguel Barreto
Video: Sergo Méndez
Special thanks to: Teatro Victoria, Roberto Torres, Marliuz Borges, Auditorio de Guía de Isora, Laura Marrero, Carmen Werner, Carmen Macías, Elda Martín.

This show was supported by the Cabildo de Tenerife (Tenerife Local Government) and Teatro Victoria.