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La jaula rota permite al pájaro volar Cristina Hernández Cruz
The broken cage allows the bird to fly. Is an in situ piece created on the context of 
Cuadernos Escénicos Garachico festival, Cuadernos en ruta.
It is a piece made in three days to be played on an specific space.
It talks about  someone that is caught on a cage, the thoughts, and what tries to do to get freedom.
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Premiered: 23/07/2017 / Available

Concept, direction: Cristina Hernández Cruz
Performers: Cristina Hernández Cruz, Mar Gutiérrez Meneses (singer), Juan Carlos León Mosco(musician)

This show opens on July, 23rd 2017 on the context Cuadernos en Ruta, Cuadernos Escénicos festival (Garachico, Tenerife).