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La Dama Blanca (The White Lady)”, is a show for all audiences but for teenagers specially. Is a brave deal that tries to capture new audience for performing arts. The show has been one of the revelation of the last Fair of Theater of Castilla Leon, and since its release has received good critics and the applause of the public on theaters, high schools, cultural arts center, campaigns against drug… We all have problems with drugs: of freedom, security, justice, health, money ... So that is why we have staged La Dama Blanca “The White Lady”: an allegory about drugs, coded in flamenco dance for all audiences, but especially for teenager people.


Seduced by an enigmatic woman, a teenager dancer dances in her path and he is possessed: "Oh, I gave my life to a lady, that I didn´t know who was that lady so white" The first hug and novelty of the forbidden; and then, the dance of the White Lady enslaves dancer and she haunts him in dreams: "Oh, I didn´t know, that his soul was as black as the coldest night!" To the rhythm of the guitar, singing, percussion and clapping, the lady and the dancer dance the drama of freedom and slavery. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/11/2015 / Available

Dirección y Coreografía:
Rita Clara
Música y Arreglos Musicales:
Jesús Rodríguez
Dama Blanca:
Rita Clara
Marcos Rodríguez
Carlos Garnacho
Jesús Rodríguez
Alberto farto
Antonio Agudo
Diseño de Vestuario:
Rita Clara
Realización de Vestuario:
Carmen Granell