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THE FLESH / Paula Quintana

LA CARNE (THE FLESH) is the second part of a trilogy about the uplifting and rise of bodies that started with LAS ALEGRÍAS (THE JOYS) in 2019.

It is a project where bodies, text, equipment, and electronic music come together in an epic and contemporary tragedy. We revisit the original structure of the classical tragedy, and we distance ourselves from the autobiographic and auto-referential practices on the contemporary scene to tell our sci-fi story. The story that unfolds is about CAMILLE. A poor, emigrant women, destined to be forgotten in history, CAMILLE rises in resistance and reveals herself as the first symbiont in a near future (2025-2110). She becomes the referent for a new era of transformation for the human species and the planet as a whole.

Local people will form a CHOIR of bodies that will participate in the play through the workshops HEAT THE FLESH Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/10/2020 / Available

Creación e Interpretación: Paula Quintana
Dramaturgia, texto y acompañamiento artístico: Javier Cuevas
Performers: Paula Quintana, Daniel Hernández y Elena Quesada + jóvenes locales
Luz y espacio escénico: Cube bz
Música original: José Pablo Polo
DJ en escena: José Pablo Polo
Vestuario: Amuhaici Luis y Aurelia Gil
Fotografía de cartel: Derek Pedrós
Fotografía de estreno: Javier Pino
Diseño de dossier: Javier Cuevas
Video: Tamara Brito de Heer
Voz en off vídeo teaser: Claudia Álvarez
Dirección técnica: La Cía de la Luz
Comunicación: Marta Baeza – La Locomotora
Producción: Paula Quintana
Management: Valeria Cosi / TINA Agency