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High places to jump from: windows, abysses, edges… A strong place that takes the body to hang the rope. Any accumulation of water: the sea, a river, a lake… A body meets in a place with some tools + the will of being dead. This piece is articulated through the dialogue between Dance, Performance and Installation. The suicide is the most extreme action that somebody can do to themselves. This extremity of the act was our motive and starting point to build this piece. La Acción Del Suicidio was premiered in Matadero Madrid in 2012. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 28/06/2012 / Available

Choreography and performance: Sandra Ayelo, Mar Rodríguez, Navidad Santiago, Irene Cantero.
Music: TERRITOIRE / Olivier Arson.
Collaborators: Maite Larrañeta, Nacho Sanjuán, Claudia Faci y Lorena Paz.
Technical coordination: David Benito y Álvaro Cantero.
Video and photography: AlvCantero.
Directed by Irene Cantero