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SYNOPSIS Being out of balance is our natural state Is the idea of balance therefore an example of a non-existent utopia? Is it human destiny to live perpetually out of balance? Or do we need to accept that balance is just the proper management of being out of balance? INFO Kuzushi is a contemporary dance short piece, which raises the idea of ​​the imbalance as a natural state of the human being. It explores new languages ​​in the dance vocabulary and incorporates the physicality of martial arts into the work of partnering. A contemporary dance show with flexible format created to be performed both outdoor / indoor. Kuzushi talks about fellowship, friendship, and also about how humans find their proper balance with eachother. The scene shows the situation of two men trying to manage their personal imbalance situation, trying to scape from loneliness, looking for recognition, offering and asking for support in order to rise up from falling. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 09/09/2015 / Available

Scenic colaboration betwen Compañía Improvisada y Tejido Conectivo
Choreography and interpretation: Miguel Tornero y Miguel Ángel Punzano
Original music: David Cobo
Photo: Elena Abad