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“The aesthetic of imperfection.”

Kintsugi is both a Japanese technique for repairing objects that dates back to the 15th century and a philosophy that states that the cracks and repairs are part of the history of an object and should not be hidden. They enhance the object, exposing its transformation and its past. Interested in new languages and limits of movement, Iron Skulls Co. has used this piece to explore the format of the quintet in search of the relationship between technique, beauty and imperfection through dance.

  Direction: Iron Skulls Co Premiere: August 20th, 2016, “Summer Stage Festival”, New York, USA Choreography & Performers: Adrián Vega, Moisés “Moe”, Héctor Plaza “Buba”, Diego Garrido y Luis Muñoz Space: Indoor/Outdoor Duration: 15 minutes Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 22/08/2016 / Available


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