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"Everything changes, everything remains" In our Garden flows the infinite cycle of life, stimulating the senses of the smallest ones before which a visual and sound universe unfolds that is constantly transformed. We will leave our footprint in that universe, we will leave our footprint in our Garden. A poetic work of static movement and dynamic stillness, because everything is stopped and nothing stops. Secret Garden /Jardín Secreto/ is focused to the observation of small things. We present an inhabited space and in constant transformation through movement and light, an allegory of nature where small movements and small things generate great changes that suppose flow of the development of life.That predisposition to the calm observation that, the vertiginous rhythm of our society makes difficult, is the objective of our work and The Secret of our Garden Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/11/2016 / Available

Concept, Choreography and perform : Estrella García & Miguel Quiroga
Original Music Composition: Miguel Pérez Iñesta & Enmanuel Bernard
Set Design: Miguel Quiroga
Creation and plastic realization: Nelo Polichi
Sound Set: José Ramón Feito
Costumes: Estrella García / Zig Zag Danza
Photo and video : Roger March / Palmira Escobar_Leitmotive
Executive production : Secundino García
Production and distribution: Zig Zag Danza S.L
Coproduction: Oscar Niemeyer International Centre
Collaboration: Festival Internacional El Mes Petit de Tots
Resident Project: Centro de Recursos Escénicos del Principado de Asturias; L´Estruch Fabrica de Creacio de las Arts en Viu, Sabadell