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Insects have a life comparable to a dance: short, ephemeral and intense. Bodies that sustain architectures, as humans do with our invisible armor, with our shells and everyday loads. In this piece we will try to harmonize the harrowing with the subtle beauty of what happens in the tiny and improvised scenes of nature. That "ying / yang" in permanent dialogue. What would happen if humans lived, every day, with the memory of memento mori of a primitive insect? Perhaps our life, also ephemeral, could be presented as an atavic and sublime dance. Dance, live consciously. "I love the life of insects, there is everything Shakespeare and Sade ...". Luis Buñuel Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/09/2019 / Available

Dirección y coreografía: Elías Aguirre

Intérpretes: Víctor Fernández, Dunya Narli, Yeinner Chicas, María Casares y Elías Aguirre

Música: Ed is Dead, Jorge da Rocha

Repetidora: Ruth Muelas

Luces: Sergio G. Domínguez

Producción ejecutiva: Mayda Álvarez / SNEO

Con apoyo de: Teatros del Canal y Comunidad de Madrid