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INcubo Teatro

A theater that starts from the experience of movement and gesture. Linked to contemporary dance, but always from the experience of the actor. INcubo Teatro is an initiative of the Andalusian actor Arturo Parrilla. It emerges with the creation of the monologue I dream … Then I exist, which will be awarded by the Andalusian Institute of Youth as the best show of the contest Desencaja 2010. It has been present in festivals  like Fair of Palma del Rio, The Alternative (Madrid), Eutopia (Cordoba), Now! Dance (Seville), Cadiz in Dance, Dance Month (Seville), Feria la Teatral (Espartinas) or Vila-real in Dansa. Performing tours in circuits such as Circuit de Diputación of Sevilla or Enrédate (Andalusia). INcubo Teatro has also received recognition for the PAD (Best Stage, Best Original Music and Best Street Show 2014) awards for the contemporary dance piece El Soberao.

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