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The light that we don't see but brightly shines within us. We look beyond the sky to the universe and we feel part of its creation. Thinking that the same matter that makes up the stars is part of our bodies. Once we were all burning stars of a limitless firmament. The wish of making someone feel the connection with that purest thing, our essence, with the light which nourishes and makes us be equals among ourselves, humans, and part of the nature. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 03/06/2021 / Available

Concept: Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales,
Alfredo Díez, Luca Lorenzo Sala.
Creation & performance: Paloma Hurtado, Daniel Morales.
Light design: Alfredo Díez.
Music: Collage.
Rigger: Luca Lorenzo Sala.
Video: Sergo Méndez.
Photography: Luca Lorenzo Sala.
Costum design: la compañía.
Asesoramiento de maquillaje: Raycostudio.
Duración: 50’