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“In Time” is a work made up of 5 boys. A transparent, deep piece full of emotions and different states of mind. Using the language of Spanish dance, along with a combination of new flamenco and contemporary dance in its purest form, a story is conveyed where feelings flow every step of the way. Desire is a key element of the show, which guides the characters and is vital to them. The play takes place at a meeting point, where everybody is looking to be desired, loved, listened... Two main characters stand out, both in different states of mind, struggling to find what they need in order to take control of their lives. The music created by the composer Gonzalo García Santos expressly for this play captivates the audience and invades them in their own world. "In Time" approaches a risky view of life, a fight for what we want, and it explores the ability of human beings to find their own balance. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 18/04/2015 / Available

Dance Company Emilio Serrano
-Name of the Show : “In Time”
-Direction and Choreography : Emilio Serrano
-Musical Composition : Gonzalo García Santos
-Voice Over : Jane Pugh
-Lihting Design : Mafred Diez
-Sound : Juan Mateos
-Stage Management : Nessa Villacreces
-Scenography : Isabel María Pitera
-Costume Design : Rosa Valencia
-Dancers : Carlos Romero, Roberto Parisotto, Alejandro Lara, Jonatan
de Luis Mazagatos and Emilio Serrano.