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“Death remains eternal for those who have lived.”

In Limbo immerses the viewer in a near-death experience which is somehow revitalising at the same time. Combining dance, painting, spoken word and unsettling scenography, this production aims to find light in the darkness and darkness in the light. Inspired by the ambiguity and sensitivity of the verses of Santa Teresa de Jesús, the reflections on the spiritual nature of human beings do not allow the audience to remain indifferent. The dancers explore a world of paradoxes where creative expression, the ephemeral and the static, serve as the only escape to the inevitable fate of human beings. Because to kill death with life is to die, but to kill death with death is to live.


Direction & Choreography: Moisés “Moe” y Diego Garrido

Premiere: June 8th, 2015, “Festival FACYL”, Salamanca

Performers: Moisés “Moe”, Diego Garrido, Oscar Martín (Cello) y José Hernández (Painter)

Space: Indoor/Outdoor

Duration: 15 or 45 minutes

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Premiered: 08/06/2015 / Available

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