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“IMPERMANENTE” is a Spanish Dance and Contemporary Flamenco creation, inspired by the work of renowned sculptor and visual artist from Valladolid, Eduardo Cuadrado.

The work was conceived by the choreographers and directors of the Company, Pepa Sanz and José Merino. On this occasion they collaborated with the Fréderic Mompou Foundation and composers Paco Cruz, Luis Hernáiz and Karo Sampela. Also with the voice of the versatile Sonia Cortés, singer and dancer and the young artist Gabriela Cruz for the live performance.

The motivation to start this project arose from the interest in working on the concept of “Impermanence”, and the direct connection with what the work of the aforementioned visual artist transmits.

The work is shaped as an abstraction and interpretation of different characters belonging to the collection “Náufragos huecos” by Eduardo Cuadrado and has original musical compositions, created expressly for the project, as well as pieces and adaptations of the brilliant Catalan composer Fréderic Mompou,

Dance, Music and Visual Arts, with a contemporary scenic approach.

All existence, without exception, is subject to change.
Life is an infinite series of manifestations, a constant flow of creations, transformations and extinctions, a constant come to be.

The reality is impermanence.

Credits and datasheet

Choreography and Art Direction: Pepa Sanz y José Merino

Performers: Sonia Cortés, Gabriela Cruz, Pepa Sanz y José Merino

Original Music: Paco Cruz, Luis Hernáiz y Karo Sampela

Musicians: Sonia Cortés, Gabriela Cruz, Paco Cruz, Luis Hernáiz y Karo Sampela

Lyrics: Luis Eduardo Aute y Pepa Sanz

Edited Music: Fréderic Mompou, José Torres Trío y Balanescu Quartet

Sound Desing: Luis Hernáiz

Esculptures and shadow work: Eduardo Cuadrado

Scenic and dramatic advice: Antonia García

Lighting design: José Bau

Técnico de Sonido: Víctor Dólera

Diseño y Realización de Vestuario: Eva Pedraza

Diseño y Realización de Escenografía: Integral Escénica y Peroni

Dirección: Pepa Sanz y José Merino