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IM-PERFECT, it is a piece created by Abel MartíIt is an ever-advancing assembly, since the research process is premised on development. IM-PERFECT: "The balance of imperfection is what makes this perfect universe"   Teaser:   Moments Art Dance & Theatre is a theater and dance company formed by people with and without disabilities, who has been working since the year 1997 in the field of performing arts professionals. It is the first professional company of its kind in Valencia and with over 15 years of experience they have performed throughout the national and international scene the standard circuit. Also co-produce audiovisual shows and where disability is a source of inspiration for other artists. Also committed to lifelong learning for people with disabilities and mental illness in dance and theater in their school. Award for Young Entrepreneurs (1997) , Educational Innovation Award (1998). Award for Social Integration (2009).  They have participated in co-productions with England, Slovakia, Russia, Germany and Turkey. His work as precursors of dance in Spain integrated makes them a company reference worldwide. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 05/06/2015 / Not available

Dirección: Juanjo Rico

Coreografía: Abel Martí
Intérpretes: Abel Martí y Mauricio Palomar
Música: Juanjo Rico *excepto dream a little dream of me
Diseño de Iluminación: Hipólito Patón
Técnico: José Martí
Voz en Off: Juli Cantó
Texto: Ulises Pistolo Eliza
Video: Natalia Lozano
Escenografía: Canana
Vestuario: La Conchi
Efecto Óptico: Maria José Martínez Pisón