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In 2016 Karrera started his own company by premiering his first short piece #7fm that toured with it around the world with more than 50 performances in one year. #7fm took first prize in the III DanzaXtrema Contest, won the Audience Award in the IV Tetuan Choreographic Contest, was a finalist in the 30th Madrid Choreographic Contest and was scheduled in numerous festivals of the ACieloAbierto network, among others. Internationally, #7fm was performed up to two times in New York, the first at the White Wave Dance Festival in Brooklyn and the second at the Battery Dance Festival in Manhattan. In addition, the piece visited the Palais de Glaces in Paris and went to cities such as Nice, Brussels or Hereford (UK).

In 2017 he released his first long production, Las Otras Piezas, directed and choreographed with Fernando Lázaro. It was programmed in Madrid up to 4 times and was selected to enter the Dance A Escena 2017 circuit created by La Red.

Two months later, already in 2018, Iker was part of the renewed television show Fama, ¡a bailar! aired in # 0 of Movistar +, where he was one of the professors in his first season and the director in the second.

No pleasure, it’s his first job since then.

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